high quality hardwood charcoal offer from Ukraine

Винница high quality hardwood charcoal offer from Ukraine
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Our company is the producer and exporter of high quality hardwood charcoal from Ukraine.

The charcoal of our production corresponds to Grade A according to Ukrainian GOST 7657-84 "Charcoal. Specifications": smokeless, odorless, no sparks, no chemical additives, with high calorific value, flammable, with long burning time. It also meets European quality standard DIN EN 1860-2-2005.

The raw materials are hornbeam (mainly), oak, ash, birch, bird cherry wood carefully selected. Our 100% natural hardwood charcoal is perfect for use in cooking on a grill, barbecue, brazier, etc. in restaurants, cafes as well as in households and outdoors.

Please note, the hornbeam charcoal is the elite of charcoal. The main differences are: minimum ash content, high heat output and really long duration of burning that is very important in cafes or restaurants, as it is not necessary to add it often. Only large pieces are in bags, no dust. It is specially supplied for expensive restaurants where chefs know a lot about perfect cooking.  

The goods can be packed in PP bags (10-12kgs) and paper bags (2.5, 5, 10kgs) or can be packed by weight at your option. Bags can be no name or printed with your private label. We have a good experience of processing a layout original provided by customers for printing on their bags. 

Страна: Украина
Город: Винница
Рабочий язык(и): русский, английский, немецкий, польский, французский, итальянский

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Фото - high quality hardwood charcoal offer from Ukraine

Винница - high quality hardwood charcoal offer from Ukraine

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